February 27, 2021


This tip is for serious students and for people who want to go from goal setters to goal achievers. I call this tip “15 Minutes Concentration” and it is something I use every day to stay focused and be more productive.

Break your day into 15-minute blocks or at least set aside 15 minutes each hour. Make sure you have no distractions for each 15-minute block. Set your alarm or timer to go off every 15 minutes.

So now during the 15 minutes immerse yourself and do as much hard, dedicated and focused work as you can. No thinking, no planning, no daydreaming, no excuses just insane levels of action within this time.

If you are in sales that means making as many calls as you can in 15 minutes if you are doing data entry that means enter as much data as possible if you are putting a presentation together then do it with complete focus also if you are studying do it intensely.

Whatever you do for a living or whatever project you are working on push yourself to the next level and produce world-class work with world-class levels of action.

An hour is a long time for most people so they waste it by getting coffee, checking Facebook and chit chat around the office but if you can immerse yourself for at least 15 minutes of concentration every hour your productivity will increase.




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