March 2, 2021


A range of racist and misogynistic posts, memoirs, and comments about US vice-president Kamala Harris has been published on Facebook. After BBC News alerted three groups that regularly hosted hateful material on their pages, the social network (Facebook) removed the content.

Facebook says it’s going to take 90% of hate speech before it’s flagged. One media monitoring body described the pages as “dedicated to the propagation of racist and misogynous insults.

But although the pages contain hate speech to the elected vice-president regularly, Facebook said that it would not take action against groups itself.

President of the Media Matters Angelo Carusone said The removal from Facebook of the content only after the media flags it is that the rules and guidelines it sets are hollow since it makes few efforts to detect and enforce it.

“We speak of the lowest fruit from a detection point of view. “Still, Facebook’s notices escaped until a third party flagged them.”

The pages include accusations because her mother came from India and her father from Jamaica. Ms. Harris was not an American citizen. She was not black enough to the Democrats, other comments suggested. She should be “deported to India” another post. And her name is mocked in a number of memes.

There are four thousand pages on one side and 1,200 more. A number of other misogynistic and sexually graphic presentations have also been removed. Advertisers and civil rights groups repeatedly criticized Facebook for failing to address hate speech. In August, hundreds of firms stopped protesting publicity on the platform.

Other campaigners have previously told B BBC news that racism, hatred, and the internal moderation tools of Facebook are not used – and even encouraged in some cases.

Rishad Robinson of BBC News said Facebook had “created a series of algorithms that incite people to propagate hatred,” from the Stop Hating for profit campaign.

Facebook’s own Civil Rights Audit, in August, stated that Facebook had taken “vexing and frightening” hate speech decisions, which constituted “significant civil rights blows.”

Last week in the days after the US election, a senior assistant at Joe Biden attacked Facebook for handling conspiracy theories, calling for violence, and disinformation.

The US deputy press secretary Bill Russo tweeted that “Our democracy is on the line.” “Our democracy is on the line. “We need answers. We need answers.”