March 2, 2021


Just remember, you didn’t work this hard to stay the same or still stay where you are. You didn’t make those sacrifices and take those risks to stay the same. You didn’t hustle, grind and push yourself to the absolute limit every single day to be the same person.

You did all this to be a better version of yourself.

When you decide to pursue your craft, your passion or live with the purpose you are going to eventually walk away from people who only expect and respect the old you but insult the new person you have become.

You will find new and more inspiring people to work and associate with, people on the journey and people who care about your art and your work and see you in a new light, rather than judging you on who you used to be or your current circumstances or situation.

They will tell you that you have changed or you don’t have time for them or call you obsessed or full-on.

The truth is, you have changed. Don’t ever apologize for your own growth, personal development, and success.

Remember, the reason you work on yourself, your ideas and your dreams is so that your life can change, but remember your life will never change if you don’t change first.

Below are some ways you can remove toxic people from your life:

  1. Don’t expect them to change: One thing you need to understand before moving away from people who are toxic to you is that you can’t force them to change. Toxic people are not inspired by what good or positive things but only negative things.
  2. Establish and maintain boundaries between you the people who are toxic to you: Toxic people manipulate you to work for them and do things that will help them only, without thinking about how you would be affected. Don’t tolerate people like this, give them some serious boundaries.
  3. Also, know that they might try to resist change: Toxic people start to play the blame game immediately they feel you are trying to stay away from them This is because you are stopping them from being able to manipulate and control you. Don’t give in when this happens.
  4. Surround yourself with likeminded people.