February 27, 2021


The truth is you will be forced to work for someone else and continue to sell your time on this earth at a wholesale rate to the marketplace if you don’t start working on your ideas in your spare time.

If you are not up early working on your ideas before you go to work every morning and working on your key projects after work and investing your time on your business plan on the weekends then maybe you are not serious about success and becoming financially free.

The secret to getting ahead is to get started and for most of you quitting your job right now is not something you can afford to do but what you can do right now is start working on your ideas and the projects that you are passionate about and that will move you towards your dreams and goals.

You will always be stuck in a job if you don’t have a plan for your life and if you’re not working on your own unique ideas outside of your job. Now you know so I don’t want to hear any excuses about why you can’t start.

Also, we must all learn the art of mastering ourselves and being in complete control of our body, mind, and soul; that is to basically take full control of yourself.

It’s time to become consciously aware of your entire being and that means you have to be aware of every thought, words you say and actions you take.

The reason why we slip and fall and get overwhelmed and frustrated is that we simply have not learned the discipline of mastering ourselves and our entire being.

You are a powerful and unstoppable force of nature and you were not born to be at the mercy of circumstance or external factors.

Don’t just go along in this life being unaware of yourself, you have got to invest time every day connecting with your highest self and listening to your heart and practicing self-control and discipline.

Everything you are searching for exists within you and once you become aware of your being, you can start to exercise your will upon the universe.

Commit yourself to master the art of self-control, self-awareness and mastering your entire being, it is the first step to mastering the universe around you.