February 27, 2021


Alien primarily refers to extraterrestrial life, a life that does not originate from Earth, basically, intelligent extraterrestrial beings.

Are Aliens or UFOs real, this has been a mystery that has gone unsolved for centuries. Astronauts have spent much of the past century trying to solve this puzzle and have made several unexplained observations along the way.

Once these puzzles are solved, we might have finally proved that aliens or UFOs exist or got one step closer to discovering that humanity is the only lifeform in the universe.

We won’t know whether extraterrestrials are real until they get in touch with us or we find evidence to prove their existence.

UFO or Alien conspiracy theories argue that various governments, and politicians globally, are suppressing evidence of unidentified flying objects which might be alien visitors.

Such conspiracy theories commonly argue that Earth governments especially the US government are in communication with extraterrestrials beings despite public claims to the contrary, and further that some of these theories claim that the governments are explicitly allowing alien abduction.

Scientists have picked up a number of strange signals from distant stars in these recent years. Whilst most of them probably come from natural sources or occurrences, some signals may have been sent by aliens.

Last year, astronomers Ermanno F. Borra and Eric Trottier published a paper with the title “Signals probably from Alien Intelligence” detailing the discovery of 234 signals.

They wrote:  “We consider the possibility, predicted in a previously published paper, that the signals are caused by light pulses generated by Extraterrestrial Intelligence to make us aware of their existence.”

Sadly, we are not closer to finding out what aliens are trying to say or whether they were actually saying anything to us at all.


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