February 27, 2021



Being prepared for the day ahead is the secret of all successful people and the best way I know how to be prepared for the day ahead is to get up early and invest the early hours of the morning on myself and my game plan for the day ahead.

The elite performers and the ultra-successful wake up on their own terms and by the time most people get into the office they have already taken care of business to be done.

You can’t change the game or change your life if you are not waking up before your competition and getting the BIG things done before everyone else arrives at work.

Being prepared is your best weapon against procrastination, anxiety, and feeling unmotivated. Knowing you are in charge and in control will allow you to feel more certain and certainty is the key to unlocking your highest levels of performance.

You know exactly what it feels like when you are unprepared and how easily things can get out of hand. So give yourself the time each morning to wake up a little earlier and warm up your mind, body, and soul for the day ahead.

Once you understand the power you have to be calm, prepared, and in absolute control of your being. You will understand the value of rising before the sun.