March 5, 2021


  1. Google has its main headquarters in California spread across a very big campus, its calls Google Complex.

2. Google really cares about the stress of their workers, so they have installed high-tech energy pods that use NASA science to help people achieve brief but very effective rest during the day.

3. Dino run game that pops up when you have no internet was done to stimulate creativity, also the Dino run game was inspired by the massive t-rex dinosaur statue they have on their campus. The statue was also bought to remind workers at Google to make sure that Google does not go extinct.

4. Google gives unique names to their employees if you are an Amateur worker you are a GOOGLER if you are a new intake you are a NOOGLER, if you retired or left the company you are a XOOGLER and if you got a pet you are a DOOGLER, interesting!

5. Google is actually less old than Netflix but they have got one of the highest revenue of all time, they make around $200 thousand revenue per minute not quite as much as Apple $300 thousand per minute.

6. In the early days, Google was called BACKRUB, and this was because websites were ranked based on the number of backlinks on your site or how many sites had links that came back to your site. They spent a year with this name before changing to GOOGLE

7. Google’s first office was a rented garage. Starting in September 1998, the company’s first workspace was Susan Wojcicki’s garage on Santa Margarita Ave. in Menlo Park, Califonia.

8. Joking with Silicon Valley’s longstanding tradition of pulling April Fool’s Day pranks, Google unveiled Gmail on April 1, 2004, in a wackily-worded announcement that was widely misconstrued as a joke. Now millions of people use Gmail across the world.

9. In 2000, French, German, Italian, Swedish, Finnish, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian and Danish were the first 10 languages of the site to be available to the public.

10. Google’s first server was stored on 10 Gigabits hard drive arranged in a custom case made of Lego.

11. Google was the first big technology company to offer free meals to people who work there, and it allows employees to bring their dogs to work too.

12. Just one Google search uses about the same amount of computing power it took to send the Apollo 11 astronauts to the Moon.

13. Google has a lot of little tricks. For instance, if you search ‘askew’, all of the results turn crooked.

14. In April 2018, Google became the first company to achieve 100% renewable energy. This means that it is able to purchase a kilowatt of renewable energy for every kilowatt it uses.

15. About15% of the searches made every day on Google have never been searched before.