July 4, 2020


Google’s mobile applications are getting dark mode this week. Android and IOS will have the option to activate this new feature bt the end of this week.

Google says the feature is already rolling out on some phones but won’t be globally available until next week. You should also be able to move between light and dark mode manually by going to the settings of the device which is what users would have to do on older operating systems. So for newer devices with the latest operating systems, it’s automatic.

When you have a dark mode on your smartphone, you could see a pop-up at the bottom of your screen, showing that a dark mode theme is now available and asking if you’d like to enable it.

A full rollout of dark mode across all Google apps over the last year has been quite slow this year. Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Play have also introduced a dark theme for Iphones, and occasionally for iOS devices, but the functionality is also absent with certain applications like Google Maps. Last year both iOS and Android started supporting dark mode at the system level. Isn’t that great?

Many tech companies have been introducing the battery-saving feature over the last few years. Globally, Facebook introduced a dark mode alongside a major update of the main website earlier this month, and at the end of March, WhatsApp applied dark mode to its Android and iOS devices. Computers and game systems have now begun selling dark modes.

Below is the tweet: