July 4, 2020


Google’s warning to new Huawei smartphone users, advised user users not to sideload Google applications and services like Gmail, Youtube, Maps, Google Photos, and many others as these applications or services are not available on new Huawei smartphones.

May 16th last year (2019) the US government placed a ban on the company (HUAWEI) which prohibited all US companies like Google, Qualcomm and others from collaborating with Huawei.

It meant Google was prohibited from providing New Huawei phones with applications including Gmail, Maps, Google Photos, Play Store and other Google services. The US government did this to protect user data, security and safeguard the overall user experience.

US law currently allows Google to only work with the model of Huawei smartphones that are available to the public on 16th May 2019 or earlier. Due to the Huawei ban new phones that were made after May 16th, 2019 have not been able to go through security processes neither will Google applications be preloaded. So they are basically not certified and will not be able to use Google services.

In addition, they said, sideloaded Google applications might not work reliably because they do not allow devices that are not certified to run their service where security might be compromised. Installing Google applications on your Huawei phone also carries a high risk of loading an application that has been tampered with in ways that can compromise your security.

Also, not to depend so much on Google services Huawei executive said earlier this month that Huawei may not use Google services on their phones in the future even if the ban is lifted. He also said the main reason why Huawei might not go back to using Google services is that there’s no guarantee that the ban will not be imposed again.

As a replacement to Google services, Huawei is developing its own mobile operating system which they named HarmonyOS.

Huawei was basically banned from using Google applications and services but since the Google operating system (ANDROID) is open source they can use it but won’t be able to access all important Play Store and Google applications.

The Huawei P40 and P40 Pro are to be launched in March and might come with Huawei’s Operating system and services.


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