July 4, 2020


For some time now the possible return of the NBA has been uncertain. Since there was no specific timeframe of when the NBA will return or not, was no need of speculating an exact time it will return.

The publicly announced goal of the league is to play games at Florida’s ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, but with an undetermined number of players, beginning in “late July.”

The NBA has set July 31 as the target date for its departure, according to Shams Charania, of The Athletic. According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the NBA Board of Governors is scheduled to vote to accept Adam Silver ‘s suggestion on a format to restart the season next Thursday, June 4. As of now, it is estimated that 20-22 teams will be invited to Orlando.

This will allow the NBA about two more months to finish preparing its Disney plan and bringing the members back up to speed physically for both individual practices and a second training camp at the practice sites. Teams playing in whichever shape the regular season ended and playoffs would follow will then fly to Orlando to quarantine until basketball could continue again. Isn’t that cool?

But starting games too late in July again raises a possible logistical problem for next coming season. If the NBA is to maintain a post-season seven-game series format then it will take at least two months for the playoffs to be held in earnest. If regular-season or play-in games are not included, that would move the playoffs through October.

If next season, as many have predicted, were to start on Christmas Day, it will offer players fewer than three months off until the games began again. By factoring in training sessions and offseason, their holiday days will be much less, raising a possible possibility of injuries. There’s no ideal answer, though. Restarting this season too quickly would also pose possible injury hazards, especially given the strength of playoff games.

Jumping straight into the playoffs from months off without proper planning is almost as risky, and the NBA is attempting to weigh all of those conflicting considerations in establishing a schedule. Whether this involves actually moving off the start of next season, perhaps that is a pill the NBA may have to suggest taking.

Nothing is finalized right now. The league and union are currently going on the specifics of a possible return to action and the priority at the moment are first on this season before entering into operation next season.

“We are going to play basketball,” Charles Barkley said in a text message. Barkley told Paul Finebaum of ESPN the same in a radio interview Tuesday, stating that his Turner Sports bosses had told him to get set to come back to work as an analyst.

So basketball be starting sooner or later, let’s be prepared.