January 23, 2021


Visitors from beyond the galaxies just arrived on earth, but they came with a purpose, to enslave humans. What are we going to do?

For centuries humans have been looking for extraterrestrial life and one day we wake up to them on earth, it will be very frightening. Humans have been calling the shots on Earth for centuries, just ask the animals we use as food, keep in zoos, hunt for sport, or even have around the house as pets. Imagine Aliens treating us like animals?

We might be treated as a commodity to be bought, traded and sold. And if these aliens are anything like we are, we might also be their lunch.

Human cells are made up of proteins, nucleic acids, and membranes. If the aliens have the same basic biochemistry as us, they would be able to convert our tasty, nourishment-filled bodies into energy for their system.

What if we were seen as a delicacy to be distributed across the Universe? Even to us, body parts are a hot commodity. A heart is about $1.4 million to transplant and $119,000 on the open market. Kidneys are around the $200,000 mark. Livers are about $157,000, and bone marrow is $23,000/gram (0.03 oz).

We are dealing with human economics here, but this idea can be applied to the concept that we are Earth’s new cattle. We’re a living organism that might be sold to something or somewhere in space.

Also what if the aliens don’t want to use humans as food but see us as pets? Or, even worse, keep us in zoos. Imagine a group of alien children on a school trip, to see humans in their natural habitats.

Considering they travelled a lot of light-years to reach earth it won’t be difficult to develop a planet to suit their taste. Also, Aliens might be technologically advanced than humans so it might be difficult to defeat them.

Let hope nothing like this ever happens.